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Ted Hope, pushing back against low-value filmmaking

Low value both in the sense of quality work, and monetary valuation.

I like Ted Hope; he’s on my chalkboard as very clearly being One of the Good Guys, and he writes and speaks with great clarity and immense practicality. I was at this talk, shortly before he announced he’d be leaving producing to head the San Francisco Film Society.  This was a difficult one to listen to, because for the first time it seemed that his frustration with the industry had hit a tipping point, and he could no longer see any practical route through it.  “Fed up and ready to move on” was clear, but what I missed at the time was this bit above, that he had a new role in mind, changing the industry’s approach to distribution rather than playing under it.

Which is just what he’s done.  The SFFS has just wrapped up the first AE2: Artist to Entrepreneur, a distribution lab to redesign and experiment with distribution.  This makes me more hopeful about the prospect of finding a more stable approach to independent film distribution.