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A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas (2011) + Making Of

Still from A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas (2011).

Still from A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas (2011).

Wonderful homemade homage to Calvin and Hobbes.  The guys who made it talk a little about how it was done over at Friends in Your Head.  You can make great stuff on your kitchen table with sugar and play doh. Continue reading


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Fitzcardboardaldo (2012) + Making Of

Still from Robin Frohardt's Fitzcardboardaldo.

Still from Robin Frohardt’s Fitzcardboardaldo.

So you’re gonna spoof Werner Herzog.  You’re gonna take Fitzcarraldo.  You’re gonna do it in cardboard.

But that’s not enough.  Of course it’s not.  Because if you’re gonna spoof Herzog, you need to go all out, and that’s just not far out enough.  So you’re also gonna spoof Burden of Dreams, the documentary about making Fitzcarraldo.  And you’re going to have disillusioned, empty, sad-eyed Cardboard Herzog huddle listlessly, wrapped in his cardboard arms, bemoaning a cardboard land so violent and full of misery that even the cardboard birds are merely screeching in pain.

Oh yeah.  That’s about right.  Thanks, Robin Frohardt.