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I really enjoyed Dan Mirvish’s tongue-in-cheek and immensely practical take on making small indie films, “8 Rules on Being a Locavore Filmmaker”.  Stay close to home, fake it with what you’ve got nearby, keep everyone’s commute short, don’t act like a big production company shipping people and things all over the country, and use your short commutes for badly-needed exercise during post.  It’s not just budget constraint (although it’s often that, too).  You pick your battles when you’re making a film, and there’s a lot of overhead that goes into the logistics of travelling.  When you’ve got a small team working on the film, moving things around can end up being a huge drain of both time and money, and the simpler you keep it, the more of your resources can go into what shows up on screen.  Joss Whedon’s making art films in his kitchen between Avengers movies; it’s not the minor leagues to think small and work out of your garage, it’s defining your resources and prioritizing where you put them.