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Weekend Longform Video: Filmmakers in Television (IFP Film Week, 2012)

Rose Troche (The L Word) and Daniel Minahan (Game of Thrones, True Blood) at IFP Film Week, discussing transitioning from independent film to television.

Rose Troche (The L Word) and Daniel Minahan (Game of Thrones, True Blood) at IFP Film Week in 2012, discussing transitioning from independent film to television.

Time again to make a cup of coffee and sit down for the Weekend Longform Video.  This week, it’s a panel discussion from the IFP about filmmakers transitioning into television, with Rose Troche of “The L-Word” and Daniel Minahan of “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones”.

It’s a great panel; I’m glad the IFP posted this one, it was one of my favorites that Film Week.  The panelists are incredibly open and practical about network, cable, and independent film, in terms of money, contracts, and process.  And given the increasing role of cable television in production and distribution, this is pretty useful stuff. Continue reading


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Why Zoraida Roselló is a filmmaker

Still from Zoraida Rosello's short on why she makes films.

Still from Zoraida Roselló’s short on why she makes films.

Spanish filmmaker Zoraida Roselló on why she’s a filmmaker, for the European Women’s Audiovisual Network.  Beautifully done, 90 seconds that encompasses Zoraida’s artistic eye, personality, and a lifetime of loving film.  (Also, a geologist turned filmmaker?  Lady scientists represent!  She has an wonderful eye not just for human subjects, but also for the natural world.)

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Filmmakers have to stop planning first and foremost to bring their work to market at film festivals or elsewhere. The entire industry needs to get off of the single product focus and justify greater value in cinema in general. Release patterns need to change. We need to think of story worlds and long term relationships. The end of the era of feature film dominance is inevitable.

Ted Hope, putting five Really Big Ideas very succinctly

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Ted Hope, pushing back against low-value filmmaking

Low value both in the sense of quality work, and monetary valuation.

I like Ted Hope; he’s on my chalkboard as very clearly being One of the Good Guys, and he writes and speaks with great clarity and immense practicality. I was at this talk, shortly before he announced he’d be leaving producing to head the San Francisco Film Society.  This was a difficult one to listen to, because for the first time it seemed that his frustration with the industry had hit a tipping point, and he could no longer see any practical route through it.  “Fed up and ready to move on” was clear, but what I missed at the time was this bit above, that he had a new role in mind, changing the industry’s approach to distribution rather than playing under it.

Which is just what he’s done.  The SFFS has just wrapped up the first AE2: Artist to Entrepreneur, a distribution lab to redesign and experiment with distribution.  This makes me more hopeful about the prospect of finding a more stable approach to independent film distribution.