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George Miller’s POV Shots

A truck driver's POV on a barren desert mountain.

Screenshot from Rishi Kaneria’s supercut of Mad Max POV shots.

Filmmaker Rishi Kaneria put together this supercut of POV shots from the original Mad Max trilogy.  It’s a pretty red-hot editing job in its own right – I’ve probably watched it a dozen times for that combination of catchy mashup and ultraviolence – but it also shows how visceral and effective George Miller’s POV shots are for making the viewer part of the action.

What I haven’t seen anyone mention is how clear this supercut makes the genre differences between all the Mad Max films.  That’s a great trick George Miller pulled – there’s pretty clearly one eye and one aesthetic behind all these films, but they’re just as clearly not the same genre of action film.  Especially that first one: it’s got more  in common visually with Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout than it does, say, Beyond Thunderdome.

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If you’ve got funny comedy timing, you can make [shots in closeup] work with just a finger, or just a hand, and usually if you leave it to a hand double or an extra, it will never be as funny as an actor doing it.

Edgar Wright