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Behind the Scenes on Mad Max: Fury Road

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Filming a car chase in the desert for Mad Max: Fury Road.

One of the glorious things about Mad Max: Fury Road was that it showed old-school movie-making can still kick ass and take names – not just keeping up with the CGI Joneses, but a shot over the bow before it surged forward and made the rest of the blockbuster field eat its wake.

This eighteen-minute compilation of raw footage from Mad Max: Fury Road shows just how much of the effects were done live.  It’s pretty exciting stuff, even without any cleanup or CGI.  Don’t get me wrong, CGI’s an art form, and can be a really beautiful one.  But there’s still a real freshness and immediacy to practical effects, and an incredible amount of skill goes into building and executing these effects.

See below for the full video.


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