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Weekend Longform Video: Screenwriting Lecture by Abi Morgan of “Shame”, “The Hour”

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Still from Abi Morgan's lecture on screenwriting for BAFTA Guru.

Still from Abi Morgan’s lecture on screenwriting for BAFTA Guru.

Abi Morgan is one of the best writers out there, equally solid in television, film, and stage.  I’m incredibly impressed by the writing for The Hour: dense writing makes it light and fast-paced without being staccato or rushed, and the characterizations are incredibly rich.  In a large ensemble cast, every character is treated with great respect and shown as terrifically human, flawed and also wonderful.  (I’ve been thinking about how it’s done all week.  I’d love to see those scripts, but, man, try googling “scripts the hour”, and watch utter keyword failure in progress.)

In this video, she speaks about screenwriting in a talk for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.


The video looks like it’s a bit truncated, but the audio of the lecture is also available:


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