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IndieWire on older women directors


Kudos to IndieWire for turning an eye not just on women directors, but on a largely invisible demographic: older women.  Their article, “Heroines of Cinema: 15 Female Directors Who Made Their First Feature After Turning 40“, looks at women who started their careers at an age when they’re working against the stereotype of the next rising young star.  A commenter mentions a practical issue that I was glad to see raised: women tend to self-deprecate where men self-promote, leading women of the same skill level to be judged differently during hiring, promotion, and grant applications in male-dominated fields.  Anecdotally, older women tend to push back against that social norm a bit more, which ironically might give older women an edge over younger women in getting their first film made.


2 thoughts on “IndieWire on older women directors

  1. That’s really cool and interesting whe all we see is society/media praising young people.
    Very interesting site as well! Yours, I mean.

    • Thank you! And I love your Youtube video selections. I have another queued up for the weekend. 🙂

      I’m glad IndieWire added this article, after reviewing the top young female directors. There are some amazing older women in the arts – men too, of course, but they tend to get more press coverage.

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