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You Rang, Mr. Addams? (2007)

A short documentary/DVD extra feature on Charles Addams, New Yorker cartoonist and general connoisseur of the macabre.

(On a related note, I propose 1938 and 1939 as extraordinarily rich and influential years for the arts in the US.)


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Ingmar Bergman’s behind the scenes footage of Wild Strawberries

This color 16mm footage shot by Ingmar Bergman on the set of his Wild Strawberries was originally silent, and here has a little bit of commentary added by Criterion.

I love this sort of thing – a cross between found footage and cinéma vérité, with all the beautiful texture of 16mm film. It’s not quite candid and unstaged, because you’re seeing a very designed environment through the eye of the artist who designed it, but nor is it scripted or designed to be narrative in any sense.