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Ben & Jerry’s crowdsources you, your subway, your cabs, your bikes…

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This is nominally about cities.  But really it’s about ice cream.  Sweet, sweet ice cream.  (Oh, wait.  Ice cream really is sweet.  Never mind.)  Ben & Jerry’s is devising city-specific flavors, and to determine the ingredients they’re polling you, the number of subways running on time, the cloud cover in the Pacific Northwest, the number of startups and food trucks in San Francisco, whether the cabs are going uptown or downtown, visitors to the Washington monument, and which water bowl your dog prefers.

This is demographic brilliance: survey a bizarre segment of quality-of-life and local identity issues in cities across the country, and display the results in ice cream. What mad genius thought of this, and why hasn’t Gallup joined up?

The money quote for me: “The result of all this is likely to be some civic hodgepodge of ice cream.” (Thanks, Atlantic: Cities!  Happy Friday.)


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