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New York’s Teen Poets Put Words on Walls

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Photos by Urban Word NYC

Photos by Urban Word NYC

I’m a sucker for two things in particular: interesting ways of projecting sound and light, and projects that mix scientists and artists, preferably in bizarre and idealistic ways.  (Anyone can make digital art.  It’s making magic happen that’s hard.)

Urban Word NYC is a literacy group bringing poetry to New York City teens.  Ideas City is a festival celebrating the arts and urban creativity.  The Hive Digital Media Learning Fund puts money in the hands of projects that combine scientists, artists, educators, and kids outside the classroom.  Stick them in a blender.  Mix well.  What you get is the Words on Walls project at the Ideas City Festival, where teen poets work with software to project their words onto the walls, steps, and surfaces of the city as they read their work.

I love the thought that New York has a roving truck that exists solely to project the sound and images of poetry onto the walls of the city at night.  There’s something about that that’s cinema, in is sparsest form: the magic of changing the reality of the place where we’re standing with a story told in light and sound.

For more on Words on Walls, see Hive NYC’s writeup/photo essay on Words on Walls.


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