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Shot Analysis of the Crash in Sunday Bloody Sunday

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44:14 8s MLS – Alex, Bob, two girls walking; Alex cut off on left side of frame, camera pans to follow Lucy with carriage until it’s a CU on Lucy with baby carriage Music, Lucy calls to dog; music fades out  Image 1, Image 2
44:22 3s LS – Alex, Bob, all four children, camera follows Lucy running after dog Lucy calls to dog  Image 3
44:25 2s LS – Alex, Bob, the other three children walk Lucy: “Look at me!” Image 4
44:27 2s LS – Lucy dances past dog with leash in hand, dog chases Lucy: “Come!”  Image 5
44:29 3s MLS: Alex, Bob, other children; camera pans Alex: “Lucy! Be careful!”  Image 6
44:32 2s LS – Lucy runs after dog towards road as truck rolls past Bob: “Lucy!”  Image 7
44:34 2s MCU – Alex and Bob start running Bob: “Lucy!”  Image 8
44:36 2s LS – truck barrels around a curve Engine sound  Image 9
44:37 <1s MS – Lucy dashes into the road as the truck comes down the straightaway  Image 10
44:37 2s CU – dog follows her; camera pans, dog dashes in front of the truck  Image 11
44:39 <1s CU – truck wheels Scraping sound; the accident  Image 12
44:39 1s CU – Alex yells, ducks below camera frame as she runs Alex: “Lucy!”  Image 13
44:40 3s MCU – out of focus truck tires roll past, revealing LS of dead dog in street Truck screeching  Image 14
44:43 1s MS: Lucy stops running and turns back  Image 15

Image 11 to Image 12 is kind of a subtle cut; it shifts us from the dog moving in the foreground of the truck to the truck’s rear wheels almost imperceptibly, so we don’t see the dog during the accident.


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